A DUI Can Become A Very Expensive Mistake

If you drink alcohol, you are potentially at risk for being charged with driving while under the influence (DUI). All it takes is one drink too many and being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

You left a restaurant after stopping after work for a few drinks with co-workers. Or maybe at a friend's home for a party. A police officer happens to be right behind you and notices a wide turn or that you drifted over the fog line.

The next thing you know, the officer wants you to walk a line or follow a pen in front of your eyes. Suddenly, you are facing a DUI first offense. A conviction could damage your career or reputation. If you drive a vehicle for a living, it could mean your job. Our lawyer at Law Office of Jay Kimbrough knows how important it is to build an effective DUI defense for his clients.

You Need An Attorney

If this is your first offense or if you have been charged as a repeat offender in Alabama, you need to remain calm, say as little as possible to police and ask for an attorney.

During a DUI stop, the officer will be looking for any evidence of intoxication, and arguing or claiming you only had one beer only will provide them with more evidence to use against your claims of innocence in court.

Defenses To A DUI

DUI cases are almost never "open and shut." The officer may have administered the field sobriety tests incorrectly. The Breathalyzer may have been operated erroneously or may have been improperly maintained or calibrated.

You may have been sleepy or been suffering from allergies. These are all questions that need to be asked and our attorney is experienced in analyzing a DUI arrest and probing for weak spots in the prosecution's case.

If You Have Been Charged With A DUI In Mobile Or Baldwin County

The sooner we are called, the sooner we can begin investigating the charges. We can examine the scene, look for evidence and speak with witnesses while events are still fresh in their minds. Waiting improves nothing. Call our Mobile County office today at 251-298-8293 our fill out our online form.