About Jay Kimbrough

Jay Kimbrough, A Trusted, Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal law and procedure is a complex and difficult area of the law. From the Constitution of the United States and Alabama, to the local rules of courts in Mobile, to be an effective advocate, you have to know and understand them all, and how courts have interpreted them. Without a lawyer by your side, you are at the mercy of the prosecutor and that is one place you cannot expect mercy.

We Care About Outcome For Our Clients

In addition to understanding the law, the other key element to look for with a defense attorney is compassion and passion for their clients. At the Law Office of Jay Kimbrough, our attorney began his career because of his concern for the underdog. He knew the state could assemble large teams of police, investigators and prosecutors, while the accused often is alone.

Our attorney listens to you to fully understand your situation when you are charged, how those charges will affect you and how they will affect your family. We fully develop your case to allow a court to have a complete picture and not the carefully framed with selective use of evidence the prosecution will attempt to use.

Get A Lawyer As Soon As You Are Arrested

You may notice that this is a reoccurring theme, but it is because it is of the greatest importance. While an attorney may not always be able to have the charges dismissed, without one, you literally don't stand a chance in court.

A criminal conviction can be devastating. It will cost you your job, where you live and it places tremendous pressure on your family and your relationships. Our attorney works to minimize the charges, or when possible have the charges thrown out. Call us today and find out how we can help.

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